Czech Publisher Exchange

The Czech Publisher Exchange is an association of the leading Czech online publishers – Astrosat, Czech News Center, Economia, MaFra and Mladá Fronta – providing advertisers with online advertising space using the RTB technology. Thanks to a combined monthly reach of over 5 million users (real users according to the specifications of the SPIR – the Czech Internet Advertising Association) it is the largest provider of premium advertising space within the Czech RTB with reach of 70 % Czech online population.

Why CPEx:

1. High quality of the ad space. The CPEx integrates the leading Czech online media.

2. Reach. The CPEx covers 70 % of the Czech online population.

3. Support. We are ready to help you set up and optimise your campaign within the CPEx ad space.

The idea of the CPEx was inspired by similar initiatives in other countries, especially by La Place Media. CPEx is powered by the Rubicon Project‘s REVV platform.

The ad space categorized for the open auction according to quality and topic. This offers the advertisers the perfect tool for performance campaigns.

The CPEx is currently running in test mode, the launch of the fully operational version is planned for the second half of September.

Additional Information